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Why optimise your site?

​When people are searching for information nowadays, they run to Google. And when they do, you want to be on top of the search engine results page (SERP)... especially when they're ready to buy.

Whether you're in the plumbing, catering or dental business, search engine optimisation (SEO) makes sure you're the first plumber, caterer or dentist that comes up in the SERP.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our proven strategy will help take your online presence to a new level. Our SEO services in Australia and New Zealand ensure that you get found in the internet jungle.

You may notice though that the top search results are either organic results or paid ads. If your site or page appears on the top organic search results, it means that your site has the most relevant information and is one of the more trusted sites on that topic. Thus, people are more likely to choose and purchase from your site.

How We Roll​

​First, we will analyse your site, checking for penalties or issues with any prior SEO work that was done on your site.

We then assist you in keyword research. Keywords are the terms or words typed in the search box by someone searching for products, services or information on the internet. The research will also involve analysing and understanding your competition.

We then make necessary onsite changes to ensure that you have an optimised business site.

​From there we make sure that you have the appropriate social media setup and that you are verified in Google My Business, all of which help build trust and power for your website.

We also see to it that you have relevant and high domain citations and links to ensure that you build the proper foundation and trust.

​We can help rank not only the pages on your site but also other web properties like YouTube videos.

It is important to understand though that while results are guaranteed, it is not instant. They do take time, especially in the beginning. But once you get results, the returns are exponential and the effects, long-term.

More Customers

Increased online presence create more traffic for your site, bringing more customers and revenue to your business.

Personalised Solutions

Every business is unique, so we tailor our SEO services to your needs so you get maximum results.

Monthly Reports

We monitor your rankings on a regular basis and provide monthly status reports to keep you up to speed and provide you more freedom to work on your business.

Worry-free Contracts

We offer monthly contracts so you only pay for results. If you are not satisfied with our services, just let us know.

SEO Specialist Australia & New Zealand

At Top Virtual Professional, we ensure that you receive the best SEO service that dominates your competition. As an SEO Specialist in Australia & New Zealand, we mastermind with the world's best SEO experts to stay on top of our industry.

While we may perform most of our SEO in Auckland, we help businesses both in Australia and New Zealand. Our SEO specialists travel between the two countries and are also available via email, voice calls or video calls. Check out our locations in Australia and New Zealand.

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