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Hi! I'm X Dacyon and welcome to Top Virtual Professional.

For years, I had been working as a financial auditor, having large businesses and listed companies as clients. However, I felt that I could make more of a difference working directly with business owners, entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

It wasn't an easy journey... turning my back on a flourishing career in search of freedom and authenticity. I just know I had to take a turn, face my fears and allow myself to grow into my best self.

You may have had a similar journey​ and that is why I want to support you and your business.

"We are at our most powerful when we give ourselves permission to be our true selves."


I have friends who had life-threatening illnesses in their 30's. Thankfully they have recovered now, but that made me think of what's important to me - my family, my friends, my health, doing things that I enjoy and making a difference (in my own special way).

Making the move to become a virtual professional​ is one of the best decisions I've ever made. This photo with my sister on her wedding day probably summarises my joy of being able to make myself available to my loved-ones when it matters most.

​You want to grow your business and spend your time on what matters most to you. I get it. That's why I want to support you and your business.

You and your business can benefit from my extensive training, background and focus on quality and results. 

I am an SEO Specialist in Australia and New Zealand, helping heart-centered businesses rank in search engines like Google so they can thrive and do what they do best.

Whether you want to...

  • grow your online presence;
  • have fresh leads and customers; or
  • rank your website in Google


Contact Numbers:

Australia: +61 435 917 909

New Zealand: +64 9-889 0736​

X Dacyon