How to Create Posters and Logos using Canva

Canva has definitely taken the internet by storm.

If you are visual and love exercising your creativity then join millions of users around the world.


Canva lets you design your own posters, headers, documents, marketing ads and other visual materials. It has millions of photographs, vectors and illustrations available for use and more than 150 font types to choose from. They have predesigned templates and you can also upload your own images. 

All of my posters in this site were made using this tool​. That's how much I love it. Check out this blog post for a sample of my work. Most of the virtual assistants and virtual professionals I know use it regularly as well.

A word of caution... it is highly addictive. You have been warned.

In my presentation below, I'll show you how I use Canva to create posters and logos. This is more of an introduction really. You can create anything that you want. What you can create is only limited by your imagination.

I have so much fun creating and designing using this tool and I'm sure you'll have fun as well.

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